About us

Welcome to Prodax International

Back in the year 2020, We are starting MLM Multinational Company and soon it became a leading meeting company in the market. After its success, he then decided to open up another company, but this time in the MLM industry. The idea got implemented in the year 2020 and Prodax International took its birth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver best in the market e-marketing and network marketing services to the clients. The MLM industry is a dynamic one and Prodax International believes that its clients can be benefitted from its high-end services and professional support.

Our Vision

The company Prodax International started with a vision to become a leading company in the MLM industry in the country. The company plans to expand its business across the globe and it believes that it can only be achieved by satisfying the clients by giving them the best in the market services.

About Us

Our company Prodax International saw its inception in the year 2020. It’s parent company Multinational Company is a leading marketing company that was We are established back in the year 2020. Prodax International Business, set up in 2020, operates under the Prodax International as a child company.

We at Prodax International provide a wide range of e-marketing and network marketing services to our domestic and international clients. We have a team of experienced professionals to guide you through our services and the testimonials from our satisfied clients have made us a trustworthy name in the industry.

What are you waiting for then? Just Join Us and start your journey with us!